GOOD ARCHITECTURE is ultimately measured by the degree to which a design meets the
sponsor’s expressed functions, economies, and aspirations, and the extent to which its
inhabitants accept, understand, and delight in its physicality and being. It is rooted in the
designer’s being deeply conscious of its purpose, available resources, context, history,
precedents, and the designer’s ability to synthesize these myriad variables into a coherent,
enlightened, and functioning whole.


GREAT ARCHITECTURE does the same, but is measured by the degree to which it is produced with integrity, goes beyond the expected, points the way forward, teaches us something new, and – ultimately – whether its lessons preserve value and remain relevant over time, context, and generations of the people who inhabit it. This temporal dimension to great architecture is in turn rooted in the visionary abilities of an architect.

Leandro V. Locsin Partners are committed to the path of great architecture, regardless of
the scale and scope of the assignment. This commitment arises from our belief in the singularity of a project’s requirements, context, and aspirations, a broad awareness of the built environment, the value of professional integrity, and the importance of a process which creates great personal satisfaction and fulfilment for the client, the project’s audience, and ourselves as professionals.




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